The University of Bristol

The University of Bristol joined CMS not long after the LOI was submitted. During construction, the group worked on the ECAL endcaps and the Level-1 Trigger, and made major contributions to data workflow management before and during Run 1. Early physics activities included some of the first measurements in the top sector, and searches for heavy gauge bosons. The group pioneered the triggers and analysis searching for stopped long-lived particles. Ongoing physics efforts include searches for non-SM physics in hadronic signatures with missing transverse momentum, and SM measurements of top pair production.

Group members continue to maintain the L1 trigger, and participate in Run Coordination and Tracker M&O activities.

Bristol played a leading role in the Phase-1 L1 Trigger upgrade, and are now contributing to Phase-2 Upgrade R&D on the L1 Trigger, Tracker and calorimeters.

About The University of Bristol

From: United Kingdom

CMS member since: 1992


In October 1992, a ‘Letter of Intent’ was submitted to the LHC Experiments Committee (LHCC), offically marking the formation of the CMS Collaboration. This website commemorates the 25th anniversary of CMS, celebrated in 2017.