The Rockefeller University

The Rockefeller University group has been a member of CMS since 2006; at this time, it consists of one professor and two research associates. The group has contributed to the early dark-matter searches, QCD studies and the work of the statistics committee. During the past ten years, they have been involved in jet energy scale, HCAL calibration and radiation damage studies, and the development of various software tools.

Currently, the group participate in the CMS-TOTEM Precision Proton Spectrometer, a project aiming at studying central exclusive production in proton-proton collisions. Their main physics interest at the moment is the study of diffractive and exclusive processes in proton-proton and proton-nucleus collisions.

About The Rockefeller University

From: USA

CMS member since: 2006



In October 1992, a ‘Letter of Intent’ was submitted to the LHC Experiments Committee (LHCC), offically marking the formation of the CMS Collaboration. This website commemorates the 25th anniversary of CMS, celebrated in 2017.